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Visualization & 3D


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    Data Visualization

    Large amounts of statistical data are usually collected during the application lifetime. That is the easier part. Providing the data meaning and presenting them in an easy to understand way is a much more complex task, which we are interested in helping you with.

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    Information Visualization

    An interactive plan of your store or offices, in which clients can quickly find what they are looking for, will make them happy to return. We can provide you with solutions that present various kinds of information in a comprehensible way.

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    Augmented Reality

    Reality can be boring, so why not to use the magic of computer generated graphics to spice it up a little? By mixing the real and the virtual into a single image we can remotely create a store full of your products directly on the desks of your clients.


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    Interactive 3D graphics applications running directly in the web browsers of your clients can put your products into a completely new perspective. Using the WebGL technology, we can bring immerse real-time visualizations to your web.

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    It might be a custom screensaver for your showroom or it might be a sales application showing interactive previews of your products, but with three-dimensional graphics it will always be an extraordinary experience for your clients.

Let's Cooperate

If some of our services caught your eye and you would like to discuss them in more detail, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the required information.