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Testing & Optimization


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    Functional Testing

    Remember the last product meeting when you clicked a button and nothing happened or perhaps even a scary looking error message showed up? We can prevent such embarrassing moments from happening by performing rigorous functional testing of your applications.

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    Performance Testing

    The users typically divide applications by respond times only into two categories - OK or taking-too-long. By evaluating performance of your applications we can determine into which of these two categories they belong to or if your servers will survive your next successful marketing campaign.

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    Security Testing

    Web application security breaches can cost you almost everything - money, clients, reputation or even closely guarded company secrets. By identifying the potential security vulnerabilities in your applications, we can prevent all this from ever happening to you or your clients.

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    Compatibility Testing

    Your brand new online application looks just great up to the moment your most important client sends you a screen shot showing it completely broken. Possible reason? A different web browser. We can help validating the application compatibility across multiple platforms and environments.


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    Code Audits

    It is a quite common situation - you spend hours searching for an error and then someone else comes and finds it within the first second or two. We could be that someone, carefully analyzing your source code with a critical eye and providing you with constructive feedback.

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    One new feature here, one quick edit there and after a while the code turns itself into a dark maze only the bravest dare to enter. Using our skills and tools we can transform this labyrinth into a peaceful recreational zone for your developers.

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    Performance Tuning

    It is always nice to see an application run several times faster, while at the same time consume less system resources. We are confident, that you and your clients would enjoy this sight too.

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    Server Configuration

    Why degrade the impact of your latest online endeavor by a poorly configured server? We can help you with configuring your servers to be secure, efficient and able to handle large loads without the users even noticing.

High Performance

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    Heterogeneous Computing

    Using the OpenCL heterogeneous computing framework, the full processing power of the target hardware can be utilized regardless of its architecture. We can improve your applications to take advantage of this to run both more quickly and more efficiently.

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    By utilizing the massively-parallel nature of computer graphics hardware, we can make your computation demanding applications run orders of magnitude faster, thus saving you both time and money on the electricity bills.

Let's Cooperate

If some of our services caught your eye and you would like to discuss them in more detail, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the required information.