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Online Solutions


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    Technical Analysis

    Finally decided to get the shiny new intranet system or the complex backend application you always wanted, but you are not sure which technologies to use? We can perform a technical analysis of the problem and provide you with a report summarizing our recommendations.

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    Architecture Modelling

    By properly modelling the architecture of a software, potential caveats can be identified long before they have the chance to cause any trouble and can therefore resolved more easily. We can help you transform your ideas into robust software solutions.

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    Infrastructure Design

    Even a well engineered application performs poorly if not executed within an equally well engineered infrastructure. We can identify the requirements of the application and make sure its potential is fully exploited by designing an appropriate execution environment.


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    Backend Development

    There is usually much more to an online application than meets the eye. We have many years of experience with development of complex backend solutions, information systems or data processing pipelines and will be more than happy to extend this experience to your projects.

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    Frontend Development

    Be it in-browser games, various calculators or interactive product presentations, we always like to keep up with the latest trends and can therefore provide you and your clients with the rich content features and interactivity offered by the HTML5 standard and the JavaScript language.

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    Web Services

    It is comfortable when you can order some goods online, pay for them using a credit card and receive a confirmation message to your mobile phone. We can integrate similar services into your application or develop new ones exactly matching your needs.

Testing & Optimization

Our testing and optimization services are summarized on their own dedicated page.

Other Services

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    3D Graphics

    Interactive 3D graphics applications running directly in the web browsers of your clients can put your products into a completely new perspective. Using the WebGL technology, we can bring immerse real-time visualizations to your web.

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    Data Mining

    Why spend time visiting multiple information sources, when all the interesting data can be provided to you as a single report? Our data mining platform can be used to dig out all the relevant pieces of information and combine them together for you to easily see the big picture.

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    Network Administration

    From the Wi-Fi in your meeting room to the routers located in the depths of your server room, configuring network infrastructure in a secure and reliable way can be a tedious task. Perhaps we can be of assistance and save you or your employees some headaches.

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    Knowledge is power, so why not using it to produce more knowledge among your employees, while at the same time educating us from their feedback? It's a win-win situation.

Let's Cooperate

If some of our services caught your eye and you would like to discuss them in more detail, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the required information.