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Desktop & Mobile


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    GUI Applications

    Application with a well designed graphical user interface can aid solving even complex tasks with ease. We develop standalone applications that feel natural to the users, are easy to use and solve the required tasks quickly and efficiently.

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    Command-line Utilities

    Are you looking for a specific tool that does not require a complex user interface and just gets the job done? If you are unlucky to find one, we can develop it just for you.

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    Plugins & Extensions

    Why reinvent the wheel and create everything from scratch, when the functionality of many popular applications can be easily extended? We can incorporate your specific needs into custom modules for the applications you already use.

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    By creating a web browser with minimalistic user interface for your presentation stand or a custom screen saver for displays in your office or store, we can help you reach the hallmark of excellence in corporate identity.


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    Web Apps

    A carefully crafted mobile version of a web application can improve usability of the application and offer enhanced user experience for your clients. We can optimize your online solutions to feel natural to the users regardless of the platform.

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    Native Apps

    By developing a native mobile application the full potential of the target platform can be unleashed. We can utilize all the provided features and connect them together into a single content-rich solution for you and your clients.

Reverse Engineering

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    Reverse Code Engineering

    Nobody knows how, but the decade-old application, for which the source code is long lost, still performs all the necessary computations. Unfortunately it has serious compatibility issues with the latest operating system. We can help you rewrite the application to last for another decade.

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    Data Extraction

    Proprietary file formats can help protecting valuable internal know-how. The problem arises when the specifications of the formats somehow disappear. By thorough analysis of the files we may be able to retrieve the stored data back or even recreate the original specifications.

Other Services

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    Hardware Gadgets

    Hardware development is our hobby, so maybe we can provide you with some cool doodads for your exhibition stand or your lobby.

Let's Cooperate

If some of our services caught your eye and you would like to discuss them in more detail, we will be more than happy to provide you with all the required information.